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Born to Help Others

OUR History

Ms. Doma Thapa born and raised in Nepal went through hardship but never let her hard life of having no father around to offer support break her down. 


Five years later while in the land of opportunities, Ms. Doma opens Threading Beauty Salon on One Intervale Ave and put her entrepreneurial skills to work.  She used to work at the American Threading Beauty Salon at the University Mall before breaking out on her own. While working for someone, Ms. Doma would take 10% of her wages and send it to help the orphan girls in Chitwan Nepal. Since 2014 she has been helping 15 orphan girls with the school fee and a safe home for them to stay.  "Doma is a God gifted person, gifted to serve the world most less fortunate people. She was indeed born to help others." Said, Peter Deng of Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.


Doma Foundation was founded on the passion to help the needy orphan girls have bright future.  The foundation believes that when one orphan girl is given a bright future, it meant the community of 100,000 is changed for the better.  With that being said, changing 100 orphan girls lives simply mean 10,000,000 lives have been impacted.




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